Recently I figured I needed to learn to do a blog. Everyone seems to have one these days and if you don’t have one, and I didn’t, you are hopelessly out of date. I had tried to build one a couple times, but if a tree falls in the middle of the woods and no one is there to hear it does it make any sound? Does it make any impact? NO! No one ever found my first blogging efforts…no visitors. Its just as well….they were BAA—AAD! I needed a way to learn the right way to build a blog and get people to go there.

Well in searching for the knowledge I needed it seemed that everyone had their own way and much of what it took to set up a blog you just had to know…al...

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Howdy, and welcome to Doug L. Bullock’s downsizing solution blog. I am here to help folks struggling in this horrendous economy to improve their lives. Many people in the last year have had their CEO come to them and say, “Your position is no longer needed.” or “We can no longer afford to pay you.” Isn’t that just the worst day of your life? That means looking for a job in an economy that has precious few of those. That means you may have to sell the car for a cheaper model, sell the house for a cheaper model— all in an environ that has many others doing the same thing. The prices for houses have spiraled down making the whole economy worse. Well you...

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I thought you might like to know about another facet of me and my business experience. I have three passions in my life. 1 is helping people build their wealth, 2 is helping people build their body or build their wellness/level of health and 3 is my favorite genre of music. This last item is what I want to address here today. I grew up just ga-ga for piano music. Well it gets worse…I loved Razza-Ma-Tazz, honky tonk, and ragtime piano music. I learned later that ragtime is actually a classical music form designed by Scott Joplin. But I also love what was popular music of the ragtime era, most of which did not follow the classical form of actual ragtime but still has that raggedy rhythm...

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Check out the fish pond. Move the cursor over the pond and click to drop food to the fishies LOL

Doug’s take on this: Our brains are built to stay healthy longer than presently believed by most people.

My personal research has backed this up and I have found that other recent studies show substantial improvement in cognitive function coming from a particular type of nutrient called polysaccharides or long chain polysaccharides. These are found in organically grown, vine ripe fruits and vegetables, larch, arabinogalactin, barks, gums, and fresh or stabilized aloe vera gel. While these are not even available in most grocery stores or even health food stores, I found a great source of concentrated polysaccharides and precursors of bioactive monosaccharides which I have been adding to ...

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I recently found out about a large company (Kimberly Clark) that is actively working to inform us and our healthcare professionals about ways to improve a dangerous situation—the danger of just being in a hospital or around a doctor’s office.

It has long been known that if you want to live longer, stay out of the hospital. With the exorbitant rates of death from correctly and incorrectly administered medical therapies there is also the well known risk of acquiring an infection that lurks mainly in hospitals. Here in St. Louis recently we had a well known and loved city Alderman who went into the hospital for minor procedure and within a day was in a coma which left him dead in a v...

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Finally someone else beside me gets it. This is dead serious and every human should take this to heart and understand what we all must do to improve our lives, our economy, our country, our world.

Doug L. Bullock

Special report issued by

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Most Americans would agree the state of the nation is less than ideal. Unemployment is at record highs, home foreclosures are driving people onto the street, health care remains a disastrous failure and the population is more diseased, obese and depressed than ever before.

In a newly-published special report, editor Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) argues that all th...

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Once again we hear from an expert in natural health—the Health Ranger. He has hit the nail directly on the head once again. This man has got to be one of the world experts in staying healthy and avoiding illness. Listen to this man as he once again makes perfect sense.


Why Are Smart People So Ignorant When it Comes to Health, Vaccines and Vitamin D? by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

A deathly ill patient of late
Had an IQ of 168.
His brain was immense
But it lacked common sense
And it never engaged when he ate.

– by the Health Ranger

As an observer of human behavior, one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever witnessed is really smart people dying of d...

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So why is it so easy to get sick today in America? You see it every day. Friends come down with or develop some nasty disease way too often. We love our friends and sometimes we feel so helpless. I am not a doctor and you probably aren’t either. But today even doctors are discouraged by how much disease there is and how little their work of doctoring actually helps people get well or avoid getting sick. The World Health Organization who compares the general level of health of all countries in the world rate us as spending more for our healthcare system than all the other countries put together. But where do we rate in quality of our actual health? We are number 72 behind Mexico Sri Lan...

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I have been overweight since junior high school, not massively but enough to seldom remove my shirt in public. Enough that I knew I did not look good in some clothes. I quit wearing T-shirts in my twenties because they made me look fat. I have tried to manage it for decades and have worked really hard and did so several times. I usually got myself down once I reached a weight or a pants size that outraged and enraged me enough to take action and get back to lifting weights and taking metabolism supplements. I am highly averse to using drugs or anything non natural so I did it in the past with just raw willpower, workouts, and grit.

So I personally never thought I would actually lose much weig...

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