Blog Building Efforts Finally Paying Off

Recently I figured I needed to learn to do a blog. Everyone seems to have one these days and if you don’t have one, and I didn’t, you are hopelessly out of date. I had tried to build one a couple times, but if a tree falls in the middle of the woods and no one is there to hear it does it make any sound? Does it make any impact? NO! No one ever found my first blogging efforts…no visitors. Its just as well….they were BAA—AAD! I needed a way to learn the right way to build a blog and get people to go there.

Well in searching for the knowledge I needed it seemed that everyone had their own way and much of what it took to set up a blog you just had to know…already. Well I didn’t know it already, so how could I do this? Then I found a guy who was willing to take me by the hand and help me set one up step by baby step. His name is Dean Holland who is a new fresh face on the scene. He is young, talented and a real eager beaver and is really serious about helping folks to get a blog up and most important, he is teaching us how to use the blog to promote ourselves and to make money doing that.

He put together a classroom called “Starting With Marketing Academy” and I joined a group of people who are his first class with his brand new training setup. His youthful exuberance is intriguing, though occasionally annoying to those of us older and more jaded than he is. But he knows his stuff. He got me going and you are reading the result. I am still building so you will notice new things here as you continue to visit from time to time.

If you are looking for something like that, you are out of luck at the moment. His academy is closed to new folks until this group is trained. Someday he will open another class so just be patient. Or you can get a head start by downloading a free ebook found at the right on this page. Dean has given me a specially made ebook that I can give you. It will help you get started building a blog that can make you money and help you promote your business or product or anything you are doing already.

Look for the graphic of the book that says BLOG and just leave your info to get your own copy. By the way if you want, you may give this very ebook out to people on your blog because the main thing a blog MUST do is give VALUE to those reading it. Leaving your info is not going to open you up to a deluge of junk emails, either. It is so I can inform you of new stuff I will be putting out to help you. If you have read this blog at all, you know of my three passions and My main purpose is to give you quality of life improvements.

I am not going to rent, give out or sell your info to anyone nor will I ever hard sell anything to anybody. I am not a salesman. Any products I market are products that I use and that have made a vast improvement in my quality of life. In other words I love them so much that I just have to tell my friends…and you are now my friend. Many of my friends tried out the products I love to use and their response has been just as awesome as my results were when I used them.

I am building an elite list of people who want something better. And just because you want something better does not mean it costs you lots of money. In fact most of what I market can actually pay for itself or go farther to even make you money….and who doesn’t need some extra money in this day of layoffs and recession?

My first freebie, the blog setup book I mentioned can and will make you money if you care to use it for that and it costs you nothing to use and learn how to open an income stream or skyrocket one that you already have running for you.

What floats my boat is when someone comes to tell me how much something I told them about really, really helped them out. Isn’t that a great feeling? Like when you tell a friend about a movie or a restaurant you liked and they come back just bubbling with how great you were to tell them about it. How does that feel to you? Yeah, me too.

That is what does it for me, improving your quality of life. Whether I make any money is unimportant. I don’t know of any theater or restaurant that gives out money for sending people to them but you still refer your friends to them because they gave you value. Fortunately, there are some companies nowadays that are happy to pay you to send them happy customers and that makes helping people even better.

So get your free ebook downloaded and start building your blog and a new income stream. I would love to help you do that.

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