Can a Vaccine Damaged Child Be Fixed?

Vaccine damage to children is most often a toxin overload coupled with cleansing inhibition that mainly affects digestive tract inflammation response and brain development in chronic ways. There is only one thing that can improve this chronic digestive malfunction as well as brain or cognitive function and that is immense improvement in real food sourced nutrient levels. Popping vitamin pills (petroleum sourced) will not help but will make things worse and more toxic. Even getting real food nutrition is difficult because people with toxic overload and digestive inflammation do not absorb most nutrients well at all with the inflammation in the intestinal environment.

A program of certain nutrients that will cause normal cellular cleansing to occur will gradually remove heavy metals and other toxins and help the gut calm inflammation response, repair damage and be better able to absorb improved nutrition. Other certain nutrients directly affect brain or cognitive function and the result is a regaining of normal function throughout the body.

When toxin levels are down and nutritional absorption returns to normal all the regeneration/repair and growth functions can operate unimpeded. It is unknown how completely a vaccine damaged child’s body and brain can repair itself but the journey is SO worth it. Improvement is obvious to all those around the child. Just knowing you did everything you could to, as one mom said, “to fix” your child is worth the world to a parent. Talk about quality of life improvement, this is IT!


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