Come on GET HAPPY!

I thought you might like to know about another facet of me and my business experience. I have three passions in my life. 1 is helping people build their wealth, 2 is helping people build their body or build their wellness/level of health and 3 is my favorite genre of music. This last item is what I want to address here today. I grew up just ga-ga for piano music. Well it gets worse…I loved Razza-Ma-Tazz, honky tonk, and ragtime piano music. I learned later that ragtime is actually a classical music form designed by Scott Joplin. But I also love what was popular music of the ragtime era, most of which did not follow the classical form of actual ragtime but still has that raggedy rhythm found in ragtime and early jazz.

So the musical niche that I found most easily floated my boat was the 1890’s, the 1900’s the teens, and twenties popular music as heard on player piano rolls. This same music was also found on Nickelodeons, or coin operated player pianos (the earliest juke boxes) as well as the larger orchestrions and carousel organs which were found in larger restaurants, dance halls and at fairgrounds next to a carousel. So now you KNOW how weird I am. But you should know why I love this stuff—-

It is the happiest music in the world.

If you are down or blue, you don’t need a prozac, just listen to a nickelodeon play a happy tune. Here is a video of one of the instruments I recently restored all the pneumatic playing systems on. It is a miniature orchestrion. That term refers to a mechanically played orchestra and some of them got quite large and played 8 or 10 different instruments. This little Seeburg KT plays a small piano, flute pipes like those found in a pipe organ, as well as a tambourine, triangle, and castanets. There are extra holes in this special G-roll that play those extra instruments beyond what a home style player piano would do.

KT yessir thats my baby

I also have a video of a home style player piano that I restored and sold a couple years ago and on this one I give you a tour of the piano. I pedal it by foot and I play it a while by electric motor. These instruments were extremely popular for the trendy home to have and did not originally play electrically since most middle class homes did not have many electric appliances until the 1920’s and 30’s. Most of the rolls have words printed so you can sing along. Can you say 1920 Karaoke? It is the life of every party!

Player Piano Roll "Heart of my Heart"

You can see my player piano restoration shop here. I know you probably won’t ever need my services on your Grandma’s player piano but you might like to know I am there with a large shop with people rebuilding pieces of musical history. There are very few of us left doing this these days and I know of at least 6 rebuilders in this country who went out of business in the last two years. Finding nicely restored automatic music machines like these is now, indeed, a rare thing. Even in this bad economy there are people still having Grandma’s treasured player piano or Grandpa’s Orchestrion restored and I have one of the last shops that can do that in America.

I also have around 100 of these instruments stored for future restoration, so one of the reasons my other passion is wellness, is I plan to be around for the next 100 years to restore all of them. The amazing wellness products I have used for the last 6 years are found to keep the cells vibrant and young. I would never be without my Optimal Support Packs each day if I want to see the next 100 years. Sometime I will go into what I do to stay well. Meanwhile click and listen to the happiest music in the world and throughout our musical history.


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