Don’t Fear All Vitamins, Just Switch Your Vitamins

Recent News reports tell of people having a higher death rate from taking vitamins. Since we all know that Media outlets often have a bias toward their drug company sponsors (40-60% of their ad revenue) can these reports be totally trusted?

Do vitamins really kill people? Have people died from taking vitamins?

Should you stop taking all vitamins?

Are there safe vitamins? What kind of vitamin cannot kill?

You must decide for yourself about vitamins. Your decision should depend on the quality of the science your vitamins are based on. It is very hard to know things exactly through science. Do you remember Premarin, FenPhen, Vioxx which all killed untold thousands?

Now they are claiming that vitamins are killing people too. The recent evening news media hype around vitamins is a classic case of believing inaccurate and misleading statements from flawed science. With the amount of money involved getting to the truth through the hype can be a challenge.

Science once told us that butter was bad for us and Margarine was healthy. Now we know that margarine is death on a butterknife and real butter is good for us once again.

Also women were once told that they would live longer and happier if they took hormone replacement therapy, but instead all manner of cancer and heart attacks occurred which they were intended to prevent. So the hormone therapy itself was killing women.

Today, on the front pages and news broadcasts across the country, this new study “proving” that vitamins kill people is getting lots of talk. In this latest study from the Archives of Internal Medicine of 38,772 women found that “several commonly used dietary vitamin and mineral supplements may be associated with increased total mortality”. But are those products truly vitamins?

It seems as if the researchers that ran the study were not quite playing with a full deck or perhaps the folks that hired these researchers were just outright befuddled somehow. The problem is there are vitamins and then there are “vitamins.” Confused yet? Well the researchers certainly were confused…or perhaps their bosses were confused.

The body needs food. Food contains vitamins, or at least it SHOULD. But it also contains plant predigested minerals, phytonutrients, amino acids, essential fatty acids and plant polysaccharides which are always present in various combinations in real foods we eat. We humans are called omnivores, which means we will eat just about anything and we need to eat a large variety of foods to get the micronutrients we need such as vitamins.

Well a few decades ago we started condensing food and selling it as food supplements, but that was expensive. When science came up with synthetic vitamins in a chemistry lab, those were cheap. When they tested these synthetic “vitamins” in the lab they looked exactly like those vitamins found in food, so they were called nutrients and the mental leap was made that we could eat these new chemicals and the body would use them as vitamins. Unfortunately that was a very flawed mental leap

For decades now we have purchased these imitation synthetic vitamin-like chemicals at Wal-Mart or Costco and thought we were getting all we needed for our diet. We knew that food for some reason did not have enough vitamins in it any more so this was the perfect option. For example when we process and bleach flour it removes the wheat’s normal micronutrients so it is “enriched” by adding synthetic vitamin-like chemicals as if they were adding the removed nutrition back in. However this misses by a mile.

We now know that was all wrong….except for the vitamin deficient food part and that is actually worse than any of us ever thought.

Why Are Scientists Confused?

They have lost sight of the fact that the human body lives on food not chemicals. You can get vitamins from only two places:

  1. A real food plant such as vegetables or fruit, barks, tree saps, nuts, gums or seaweed.

  2. A chemical plant that manufactures vitamin like substances from Coal Tar and Crude Oil

If your vitamins come from a food plant such as broccoli or turnips, they are organic chemicals in a complex matrix combining with the plant predigested minerals, polysaccharides, other vitamins and phytonutrients. This is called a food matrix vitamin. These healthy plants can be harvested, freeze dried, compacted and turned into a real food vitamin supplement but only 1-5% of vitamin products contain anything close to food matrix ingredients. And there is only one that is 100% food matrix, food sourced vitamins with plant predigested minerals and standardized levels of phytonutrients. I use it personally but I will not spam you by mentioning it here

The fact is that an overwhelming body of research and evidence proves Americans are nutrient deficient as a whole, and that real food nutritional supplements can have significant impact in disease prevention and health promotion, the recent study on vitamins is flawed in several ways.

  1. They used synthetic chemical “vitamins”

  2. They used isolated vitamins without any cofactors or phytonutrients included so there was no food matrix with the isolated vitamin.

If you are studying the effects of vitamins, then give the participants real vitamins. Synthetic vitamins that go into the body are only about 4% bioavailable because they are isolated without the needed cofactors missing from a food matrix vitamin.

So think of real and synthetic vitamins like two eggs, one egg looks like an egg, feels like an egg and is filled with all the nutritious eggy goodness every egg should have. It is complete and is food to devour, digest, and use to build the body. The other egg looks like an egg, feels like an egg but has a hole in both ends where someone blew out all the eggy goodness leaving an empty shell. A synthetic vitamin is like that empty shell of an egg. It looks like a vitamin in a chemistry lab but I wouldn’t want to eat it. And your body won’t eat it either, at least not very well. If cofactors for the synthetic vitamin are found in the meal then a tiny bit of the vitamin functions but most of the synthetic vitamin-like petroleum based chemicals look to the body like a toxin and the body must work hard to remove it.

Do people die from vitamins? Not often. I know of only one. A friend of mine who had a stressed liver from heavy drinking and he left alcohol behind for a few years and decided to take large doses of vitamins to help “repair” his damaged body. Well instead it killed him as the toxic vitamin-like chemicals stressed his liver beyond its ability to heal.

How Vitamins Save Money and Save Lives

Overwhelming basic science and experimental data support the use of nutritional supplements for the prevention of disease and the support of optimal health. The Lewin Group estimated a $24 billion savings over 5 years if a few basic nutritional supplements were used in the elderly. Extensive literature reviews in the Journal of the American Medical Association and the New England Journal of Medicine also support this view. Interventional trials have proven the benefits over and over again. Now if there was some benefit from these mostly synthetic vitamin like chemicals, then just imagine what benefits a food matrix real food sourced vitamin would bestow on those study subjects.

Recent trials published within the last two years indicate that modest nutritional supplementation in middle age women found their telomeres didn’t shorten. Keeping your teleomeres (the little end caps on your DNA) long is the hallmark of longevity and reduced risk of disease. If those tests were done with food matrix vitamins perhaps the aging process could be stopped and even reversed.

If you have ever met someone of advanced age who has used real food nutritional supplements for 15 years you will be stunned by the way that most of them look, feel and act 10-20 years younger than their years. The people taking real food matrix supplements have kept their secret very well. If you can reach 86 years old and not need any drugs, and not have any aches, pains or swelling or twisting in your joints or hands, and if you can have a totally clear head with no sign of old age related brain fog, then your quality of life is extremely high with glowing great health.

It makes you stop and think when you meet one of the long term real food supplement users that perhaps our concept of an old age withering away in a wheelchair as a befuddled miserable sickly invalid could be all wrong. Perhaps all that decline that we think of as part of old age was merely a nutritional deficiency all along.

Another recent study showed an increase in Prostate cancer while using vitamin E. Another flawed study. Vitamin E is not one substance. It is eight brother and sister substances called tocopherols. In nature and real food most of them are found together. Your body must find at least 5 of them to successfully use your dietary Vitamin E. If you get only one then it is ignored because it cannot work. If your Vitamin E supplement does not say mixed tocopherols on the label then it is one isolated synthetic imitation vitamin and stresses the liver to remove it. The recipe for synthetic vitamin E includes Gasoline, Toluene, Methanol and other toxic petroleum derivatives. It is sad that someone thought that would improve anyone’s health.

Obesity is Linked to Malnutrition

Strangely enough Americans are becoming more obese and more nutrient deficient at the same time. Obese children eating processed foods are nutrient deficient or depleted and increasingly get scurvy and rickets, diseases we thought were left behind in the 19th and 20th centuries. Without any real nutrition in their meals these kids keep craving fake food which does not satisfy the craving for micronutrients so they just eat and eat and eat.

If you look at our food intake checking nutrition content, it is clear Americans suffer from widespread nutrient deficiencies including vitamin D, zinc, magnesium, folate, and omega 3 fats. This is supported by the government’s National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) data on our population. In fact 13% of our population is vitamin C deficient.

Does Scurvy occur in Americans in 2011? Yes, and if all you eat is processed food some of which may even be fortified with synthetic vitamin C then you will be like the British sailors of the 17th century dying of scurvy. Interestingly enough if you give a scurvy patient synthetic vitamin C nothing happens Scurvy does not respond to synthetic Vitamin C. It only goes away when you eat real food vitamin C like lemons, limes or grapefruit.

Unfortunately negative studies on vitamins get huge media attention, while the fact that over 100,000 Americans die and 2.2 million suffer serious adverse reactions from medications used in hospitals and used as prescribed is quietly ignored. Anti-inflammatories like aspirin and ibuprofen kill more people every year than AIDS, asthma, or leukemia.

Basically, this recent study confuses instead of clarifies, and it has only fanned a media frenzy over superficial analyses. It has left the consumer afraid, dazed, bewildered and reaching for their next prescription drug which may have been the original intent of running such flawed research in the first place.

Please, be smart, don’t stop taking your vitamins. Instead switch your vitamin to one that is made from a growing plant instead of a petrochemical plant. Everybody needs good quality real food vitamins, plant predigested minerals, polysaccharides, antioxitants, vitamin D3 and omega-3 supplementation. It is part of getting a wellness tweak and science shows it helps keep your telomeres long!

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