Fat and Cholesterol kill millions, The Cholesterol Myth—BUSTED!

There is what cutting edge scientists know about cholesterol and saturated fat and then there is what we normal people all THINK we know about cholesterol and fat or the cholesterol myth. If a lie is repeated for 60 years it becomes fact in the minds of millions but it is still the same lie it always was. Discovering unequivocally that what you always believed to be true is, in fact, incorrect and was actually a lie really gives us an uneasy feeling. Also it makes for a huge job for those who refute such a firmly entrenched untruth.

Shopenhauer tells us, there are three phases to any new knowledge. First the discovery is laughed at, then it is violently opposed…usually by those who profit from the old knowledge, and finally the discovery becomes self evident and the mindset around it is “Everybody knows that.”

Today there is a lot of laughter about a small group of scientists telling us about a huge group of studies that show us over and over again that what we have always believed about fats and cholesterol for the last 60 years is absolutely totally WRONG—a total myth! There are lots of people laughing at them right now. There are lots of people making lots of money from everyone’s flawed knowledge and believe me they are violently opposing the irrefutable facts surrounding the cholesterol myth.

If you add up the profit generated by the commonly believed myth I am talking about you are well over a trillion dollars and probably more than just one trillion in business every year. So there is going to be some major kicking and screaming to keep this truth quiet.

So what the heck am I driving at anyway In 1953 a doctor did some research comparing documented studies from 22 countries about how much saturated fat affected the level of heart malfunction. He believed that saturated fat caused build up of cholesterol in the arteries to cause heart disease and hardening of the arteries. Well the facts in all 22 countries did not support his theory so he tossed out the data from all the countries that did not support his preconceived notion and came up with a final study of only 7 countries that did support his cholesterol theory. Then he published his conclusions that saturated fat caused high cholesterol and that caused heart disease and that killed people.

The medical and media communities had no idea what caused the demon heart disease and they jumped on this lipid theory like a duck on a june bug. Instead of running more studies to back up this lipid or cholesterol myth or rather, theory, they did something extremely UN-scientific—they believed it wholeheartedly. In other words, they swallowed it hook, line, and sinker. They put the Doctor, Ancel Keys on the cover of Time magazine. They cranked up whole industries to serve the lie. They began brainwashing the public to stop eating animal fat and start eating the extremely dangerous transfats.

That said, you are going to probably laugh or violently oppose ME when I tell you what 60 years of studies trying to prove the lipid theory have found. The world’s best scientists have run extremely well done studies to find the mechanism that makes eating saturated fat turn into heart disease and death. These studies are from many tens of thousands of people and over 60 years– they are very long term. They were trying to prove the cholesterol theory…but there was a problem. The data showed that the cholesterol theory was totally wrong. It can now be officially called the Cholesterol myth because that is what it is.

The studies further showed that having high cholesterol numbers makes you healthier and makes you live longer. You may want to read this paragraph again because you probably don’t believe it and you may have never heard it before.

Scientists have always thought they knew that all that extra cholesterol was what caused the buildup of calcified plaques lining the artery walls. The cholesterol myth provided a source for the plaques, but the 60 years of studies showed that cholesterol numbers and saturated fat intake do not affect arterial plaques either way. So now they will tell you flat out–they DO NOT KNOW what causes hardening of the arteries. I always wondered how did fat turn into calcium anyway.

They also showed that eating saturated fat does not affect your cholesterol numbers either way.

They also found that there is no such thing as bad cholesterol. All of it is good and the mythical “bad” cholesterol is actually good for fighting bacterial infections, avoiding contracting HIV and supporting the immune system.

But what do we do about all the money rolling in from people continuing to believe the cholesterol myth Today there are billions being made from cholesterol lowering drugs.

There are billions being made by making food products that say on the label, “Fat Free,” “Low Fat,” or “No Saturated Fat”

Lets get one thing straight right now. Believing the cholesterol myth today kills millions and millions of people. If you tote up 60 years of the lie, it has probably killed more than one billion people.

How is that possible Lets look at what cholesterol does in the body.

Cholesterol is found in the structure of every cell wall. The brain is mostly cholesterol. If the cells of the body do not have correct structure, there is no way the body can correctly function. The body makes its own cholesterol in the liver and in the brain. It makes it because it needs cholesterol to build the structures it needs to function correctly. Every time a new cell is made it needs a cell wall and it must have cholesterol to do that. If you don’t have enough then it uses other things to make the cell walls. If you look at the cells of someone who has lowered their cholesterol and who does not eat saturated fat their cell walls do not look right. Their walls are weak and misshapen and are very likely to rupture and fall apart.

How long do you think your body will continue to function optimally when your cells are all weak and easily ruptured.

Cholesterol is a raw material that the body uses to make hormones and other essential chemicals. If a middle aged man is under high stress, he will have elevated cholesterol because the body is making all the stress hormones. If it needs more of those vital hormones to help him deal with stress, it will manufacture more cholesterol to make them from. This is why middle aged men, not women, have elevated cholesterol—they NEED it.

The body’s safe deposit box for cholesterol is the brain as it is made of an extreme concentration of cholesterol. If you know someone who has actively lowered their cholesterol, think about it, how is their memory If it is you , would you describe yourself being in a brain fog Did you think that all those memory slips were old age

WRONG! Memory loss, in fact global amnesia is a side effect of lowering cholesterol. If you visit Dr. Graveline at Spacedoc dot net, he experienced the loss of 15 years of memory and 50 years of memory in two episodes caused by his statin drug use. He did get back his memory but he has spent the years since that time researching the horrendous side effects caused by lowering cholesterol and the drugs that do that.

Here is my own theory and it may take years for this to be proven or disproven: Our low-fat, no-fat diet may be the cause of old age brain befuddlement. I believe the lack of saturated fat in the diet and the lowering of cholesterol is going to be discovered to be the main cause of Alzheimer’s and dementia at some point in the future. It makes perfect sense to me. When the body needs cholesterol and it is not making enough of its own, the body goes to make a withdrawal from the cholesterol deposit box which is the brain. Continuously pulling cholesterol out of the brain every time the body must make a new cell takes its toll. When they look at a brain with Alzheimer’s it is missing large areas of cholesterol. Where did it go It went to build new cells all over the body. This is a survival thing the body does caused by people believing the cholesterol myth.

When the body stops making cholesterol, the connection, the structure between the muscles and the nerves that control them becomes flawed. One of the burgeoning side effects is now muscle pain and extreme weakness as the muscles can’t be activated by the nerves correctly. This neuromuscular problem looks like an adult onset version of Muscular Dystrophy which strikes only children. It does not happen unless you are taking drugs to lower your cholesterol.
So don’t believe me. Go to your favorite search engine and search “Cholesterol Myth” and read what the researchers now know to be fact. If your doctor tells you your cholesterol is too high, tell him yes, you are very happy about that because statistically the higher your cholesterol, the longer you will live a healthy life and you want to live long and healthy.

Also ask him why he is not up on the latest research about the cholesterol myth. Don’t be rude. Your doctor is not stupid and I really don’t think he is concerned he might make less money by not prescribing that statin drug. I am sure he is just operating on outdated information. Doctors do not return to their medical school every year for the latest updates. They only get updates from drug companies these days and drug companies are not going to tell them you don’t need to use their drugs.
I know I have gone back to eating steaks more often. I find now at the grocery I often have to ask them to cut me a steak without trimming off the fat. I want to eat that fat.
Yeah I know its hard to even think about eating all that icky fat because we were programmed to not like it or eat it, but it really is pretty good. I do try to find grass fed meats because of the good omega 3 levels in them.
I am once again enjoying butter, lard, and coconut oil in my diet. I have removed all margarine, soft spread butter-like plastic tub products from my kitchen. Also shortening and canola oil, corn oil and anything that says vegetable oil can no longer be found in my kitchen. I eat healthy eggs like I never used to. I find the best pie crusts are made with butter or lard. I keep my deep fryer filled with coconut oil at all times. Of course I keep Olive Oil, regular, and extra virgin because that is still good for you too.
Oh, yeah, by the way, did you know that fried pork skins are the healthiest junk food in a convenience store
You must do your own research and decide for yourself to end your dangerous belief in the cholesterol myth or to keep eating the unhealthy fats and avoid the healthy, safe saturated fats your body desperately needs.


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