Grandmother’s Indigestion Solution

My grandmother gave me the solution to most stomach problems like indigestion, now often called by doctors “Acid Reflux” This has been given a name by the medical community because once they did that they could market a drug to “manage” it. I won’t address that AR “disease” because I am not a doctor. However, Grandmother was very wise and she lived to be 95. She would have lived longer I am sure except she at 90 wanted to move to a retirement home where they could cook for her. Their school cafeteria style food was all highly processed imitation food-like products (nutrition free) and she did not do well on that diet. After a lifetime of never getting sick, she developed something that put her in the nursing home section for a couple of months before she died.

Her tonic for indigestion was simple and easy and I have found it works 99% of the time for myself and everyone I have told about it. Most indigestion feels like there is too much acid in the stomach. So, of course Glaxo Smithklein makes Tums for that, but most people find they need tums constantly for the every day problem which never goes away it seems. They market Tums as a source of calcium for the body when actually the calcium in Tums or Rolaids is almost totally inaccessible by the body. It does deactivate the stomach acid and they thought it would get rid of the acid stomach problem, which it does for an hour or so….but not long term.

What this is doing is actually very bad for the body. The stomach acid is there for a purpose…to digest proteins and foods we eat. If the acid is deactivated or production is shut down by a drug, the new problem created is less nutrition getting into the bloodstream. Nutritional deficiency can give rise to all sorts of disease conditions because our food builds the structures needed for proper bodily function. Long term nutritional deficiency may not kill you for years as you develop so called “lifestyle” diseases which are the ones that kill most of us.

So lets get back to my Grandmother’s solution to indigestion. She would take one tablespoon of Apple Cider vinegar and put it in a small glass of water and drink it down. When I have told folks about it they have tried it when they had so-called acid stomach and the problem was solved. The source of the indigestion problem is we actually do not have enough acid in the stomach to fully digest the food we take in so increasing the level with an organic acid that easily converts to alkali once its work is done helps digest the food and stops the acidic feeling we get. The stomach acid must be neutralized once the stomach is finished digesting protein. If we did not alkalinize the stomach contents the intestines would be eaten up by the acid and in many folks it does cause damage to the duodenum. DO NOT USE White Vinegar as that is refined and does not convert to alkali as it must for proper digestive health. I no longer even use white vinegar in my kitchen except as a weed killer in the lawn or cleaning the coffee maker.

This neutralization process calls up calcium from elsewhere in the body and doing too much of that can give rise to bone density issues if we do not get enough plant predigested calcium in our diets from fruits and vegetables. Calcium supplements are mostly useless as ground up elemental calcium is not absorbed by the body and just lowers our nutrition intake in the stomach as I showed above. We in the US take more calcium supplements than any other country and still have the highest level of bone mineral density problems in the world.

If there is still a problem with digestion after using Grandmother’s cider vinegar tip, then it may be time to find some quality digestive enzymes to take with your meals. Our cooking methods nuke many enzymes that should be found in our fruits and veggies but are gone by the time we eat them.

So if you suffer from indigestion try Grandmothers tip for several days and let me know if you feel better. This has helped many people for all the years I have told folks about it. It is also cheaper than Tums or a drug.


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