How I finally targeted fat and got major results with OsoLean Powder

I have been overweight since junior high school, not massively but enough to seldom remove my shirt in public. Enough that I knew I did not look good in some clothes. I quit wearing T-shirts in my twenties because they made me look fat. I have tried to manage it for decades and have worked really hard and did so several times. I usually got myself down once I reached a weight or a pants size that outraged and enraged me enough to take action and get back to lifting weights and taking metabolism supplements. I am highly averse to using drugs or anything non natural so I did it in the past with just raw willpower, workouts, and grit.

So I personally never thought I would actually lose much weight using OsoLean Powder, the new peptide technology that targets fat for removal while building up bone and muscle.

I have used it since the rollout and I had absolutely no results for 5 months. Then I noticed I had lost 3 inches in my waist as I had to add a hole to my belt and I had dropped about 10 pounds. I knew I felt better and I liked my clothes fitting better.

Once the hoopla died down over the newness of OsoLean, I kept using the peptide powder for the last year. While at first I made some permanent changes to my diet to help lower calories, I haven’t done any depressing draconian so-called diet. I have not gone hungry. I eat when I am hungry and I don’t crave anything. What did I do to step down 500 calories per day as advised in the OsoLean Plan? I was more often substituting plain iced tea instead of soda most of the time. I also changed to no dessert unless it was real fruit (and not cherry pie or some cobbler–just fruit). I have added clementines or other tangerine to my regular purchases for that little healthy snack.

I get my Osolean powder almost every day. I try to use it morning and night but you know how things go without a regular schedule, I missed from time to time. I got the night OsoLean serving 90% of the time and the morning OsoLean serving about 50% of the time or more.

Well I had stopped expecting any more weight reduction but I kept on using OsoLean powder because it is very healthy for you in building bone and muscle so that is what I was looking for–more muscle and bone density. So I continued every few months to add a hole to the belt as I got smaller, but noticed no change in weight because muscle and bone is heavier than fat.

Well today I got the shock of my life. I stepped on the scales and noticed to my absolute shock—–I am now down a full 25 pounds from the day OsoLean Powder rolled out on the Mannatech stage. The last 12 pounds seem to have rolled off in the last two months. I think there is another factor in play here as well. I saw the video on youtube called “Sugar: the bitter truth” which taught me that I never want to put high fructose corn syrup into my body ever again. Unfortunately finding a food that does NOT have that in there is almost impossible but I have worked hard to remove it from my diet as much as I can. HFCS has horrendous catastrophic health effects on your body and they are the same as if you became a raging alcoholic—-all the major health problems associated with being a lifelong alcoholic without any buzz or intoxication involved.

Well I think using OsoLean powder and avoiding HFCS together put me on warp speed targeting of fat and removing it. I may just go shopping and see if I can fit into a pair of 36 inch waist jeans this week. I haven’t been able to do that since I was age 25 so that would be really cool. If they don’t fit, I now know all I have to do is keep using OsoLean powder and check the jeans every month or two until they fit.

I just got out my older slacks that I have worn for years and I noticed they swallowed me. I looked at the label and they were a 42 inch waist. When I wear them the belt looks like the drawstring on a nearly empty laundry bag, cinched up and wrinkled around the top. I can’t believe I have gotten this much smaller and I didn’t even notice it. I only stepped on the scales because I had a couple of friends comment that I had lost weight. I responded that no, that is not likely but sure enough, they WERE right. I counted holes in all my old belts and I find that according to the creases in my belts, I use 7 inches less of my belts than I did when I started. I need to add another hole to everything as well. Where’s my leather punch? Perhaps a new belt is in order. Looking for a new belt used to be a very depressing activity because I could never believe how long a new belt needed to be to fit. But this time I think I will enjoy doing it.

So without going on a diet, without being hungry, without losing energy, in fact I have more….without running a mile every day or even running at all, without doing what I used to do to get thinner which is lift weights…..without any of that…by making a couple of permanent changes in my eating habits and adding OsoLean Powder to my everyday life, I have dropped 25 ugly pounds and I didn’t have to cut off my head (old joke reference LOL) Of course there is one other thing that I do that I know helps as well….I also use a couple of Optimal Support Packs from Mannatech every day like clockwork. Even before OsoLean arrived I found that adding these high tech real food technology products to my everyday life had almost totally stopped my junk food cravings which got me overweight decades ago.

So I am not going to try to sell you anything because I am not the hype type but this new peptide technology works. It cranks up your body to build more bone and muscle and target and remove 3 times as much fat as you normally would lose in muscle using a regular old fashioned “diet”. It actually “builds” your body thin. It worked for me and I did not have to work hard to make it work. Yes it was slow for me because I did not start a workout routine. If I had I am sure my results would have come much sooner. But the point of my story is just keep plugging away. Watch what you eat and use OsoLean powder to help you deal with hunger and help reverse the muscle loss that occurs when you diet the old fashioned way. If you think it is time to get slender again or for the first time, just ask me and I can help.

Doug L. Bullock


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