Mannatech Scam

Is the major international nutritional supplement maker a Mannatech scam? There are people and websites who say yes. But let us explore those people and sites. They all have one or two things in common. They give all kinds of reasons that the glyconutrient technology which is the basis of most Mannatech products cannot possibly work. Or they give no reasons but confidently state that the products don’t do anything useful giving no evidence… as if everyone knew it already.

Most of these naysayers, if you do your homework, have been exposed as working directly for one or more drug companies. While others are just spouting long held common scientific theories that have recently been shot down. We have seen the memos from the drug companies expressing their displeasure that Mannatech has patented this technology because that cuts off a revenue stream from them.

Well in this day and age of big drug companies who keep a padding of 7-8 trillion dollars in bank accounts, the most powerful companies on the face of the earth are the Drug companies. The only way they make their living is to convince everyone to take even more pharmaceuticals. They supply 60% or more of all ad revenue to magazines, TV and Radio so don’t expect any major media to tell you anything that might discourage you from filling that prescription.

But lets face it with 1.5 million people being killed or damaged each year by correctly and incorrectly prescribed medical therapies, I no longer trust the drug companies to insure that I will live healthy or long.

So what is this stuff from Mannatech that is trying to scam people out of their money? Ambrotose is the flagship product and the most controversial, and is found in most of their products. It is the combination of plant polysaccharides that is designed to deliver to the body a complex of monosaccharides or precursors of monosaccharides. These are intended to populate the body’s cell walls with the 8 monosaccharides such as Mannose and Fucose used by the immune system for activation. This activity by the body, called glycosylation, of attaching the saccharides to the glycoproteins is vitally necessary for the body to live and function normally.

That said, we no longer get these nutrients in our diets and the prevailing wisdom for decades was that we didn’t need them. They always thought the sugar and glucose that we all eat way too much of is converted to those other 7 vital sugars in the body. Well, we now know that only happens when the body thinks it is about to die and goes into survival mode and has to shut down other functions and rob nutrients to make them.

These saccharides are the same saccharides found in human mother’s breast milk, which is well known as the human’s perfect food. However these naysayers claim that the monosaccharides in Ambrotose and breast milk cannot be digested so they serve no useful purpose because they are locked up in beta bonding. Well, those people are depending on OLD SCIENCE and they need to catch up with the rest of the class.

While beta bonds cannot be broken in the body without enzymes which the body does not have, the body DOES have natural flora and fauna living in the gut called probiotics. These healthy probiotics feed on polysaccharides and they easily break up beta bonds leaving useable monosaccharides for immediate use by the body.

The intestinal walls have now been discovered to have little mannose pumps to pull out and pump mannose and fucose directly into the blood ahead of other nutrients being digested. That would suggest that we are intended to get these saccharides in our diet but with us eating nutrition free processed food that seldom happens today.

So there are two reasons people will holler Mannatech scam: they either believe the old dead scientific theories about Glycobiology or they are directly supported financially by Big Pharma money. Either way that kind of shoots the concept of a Mannatech scam full of holes.

So what does this supplementation of monosaccharides actually do? It populates the immune system’s communication system on the surface of the cell so it can work more efficiently and faster. If the immune system cannot see some pathogen it cannot call out the armies to destroy it. That means your body can’t fight back as well. When your cells are supplied with sufficient monosaccharides either in your diet or in your nutritional supplements, then you can ward off what everyone around you is catching and getting miserable with.

The immune system can deal with a pathogen so well and so fast that some people report seldom feeling the discomfort of being sick. What’s more, the immune system is what I call the kicker system. It kicks off other system such as cleansing, repair, and rebuilding of cellular structures and that will prevent deterioration of the body’s normal functions.

So what Mannatech’s Ambrotose is able to do is directly energize the body’s normal regeneration abilities, keeping you well and somehow keeping you younger…Well I don’t know how a doctor would measure youth but that is how we feel. The people who use it tell me they feel it and think they actually got younger. It is how I feel as well so there may be some validity to it. If you read Dr. Gil Kaats book “Restructuring Body Composition”, you will see that aging in consumers of Mannatech products seem to have improved several biomarkers of aging and vitality especially weight control and bone density. Have you ever met an 87 year old who has used Mannatech’s product for 15 years? You should. It will change your concept of old age.

I have a good friend, Sue, who is 87 and she looks like she might be 65, she toodles around town in her little red sports car like a yuppie career woman and she acts like one too, I might add. Her outlook on life, her glowing health and her mental acuity is not what anyone would ever expect from an 87 year old lady.

So is there a Mannatech scam? I think the Mannatech scam is coming from the people trying to keep you from trying Mannatech’s products. They profit more monetarily if you do not buy from Mannatech. You profit more wellness-wise if you do buy from and use Mannatech, especially Ambrotose. Oh, and by the way, if you try any Mannatech product and do not see enough favorable results to satisfy YOU, that company will let you return your empties and get 100% of your money back and that offer runs for 6 months. Lets let the drug companies try that and see how that works for them. I want my money back from some of the drugs I used and stayed sick way too long to suit me. That was before I began staying healthy by eating the Mannatech products each day in my diet.

So you must decide who to believe, the scamsayers, or the Mannatech associates who tend to get a bit excited when they tell you about their experience with Mannatech products. If one of those raving Mannatechers have annoyed you with their stories, just remember they are getting real results from their dietary supplementation and they want you to get the same kind of results. They really do care about you or they would have kept it a secret from you and kept it all for themselves. So when you hear someone say Mannatech scam, be skeptical and find out what angle they have on keeping you away from something so good for you.

So should you try the Mannatech products for some real wellness results in your life? That is up to you. To try them for yourself, get back to the Mannatecher you already know or contact me for more information on it. That too is your choice.


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