Nutrition Can Save America!

Finally someone else beside me gets it. This is dead serious and every human should take this to heart and understand what we all must do to improve our lives, our economy, our country, our world.

Doug L. Bullock

Special report issued by

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

(NaturalNews) Most Americans would agree the state of the nation is less than ideal. Unemployment is at record highs, home foreclosures are driving people onto the street, health care remains a disastrous failure and the population is more diseased, obese and depressed than ever before.

In a newly-published special report, editor Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) argues that all these problems have a common cause: Poor nutrition.

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In it, the Health Ranger explains that virtually all the major problems facing America today have their roots in nutritionally-depleted, over-processed, chemically-contaminated foods. Turning America around, he says, starts within changing what Americans eat. Replacing junk processed foods and chemical additives with fresh produce and superfoods will automatically lead to vast improvements across America, including:

• Greatly reduced health care costs and far lower rates of disease.
• Enhanced cognitive function, creativity and productivity.
• Vastly improved results in education.
• Huge reductions in crime and prison populations.
• A stronger Democracy and improved voting results.
• Enhanced happiness and longevity of the population.
• Improved international competitiveness, both academically and economically.

“Eating healthy is patriotic,” says Adams. “One of the best things you can do for your country is eat a truly healthful diet that’s free from junk foods and chemical additives.”

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