Vitamins Are Not What We Were Told

When it comes to vitamins we were not told the truth. Perhaps they believed what they told us at one time but once they discovered they were wrong they never told us any different because they make too much money keeping us in the dark. One hundred one years ago a scientist discovered that there was something in rice bran that made health better. He did not know what to call these health builders and he thought it was proteins so he called them “vital amines”. These healthy substances are now called vitamins. Further study found there was Vitamin A, B C D E and many more. It was determined that these were vital to life and that our health improved if we got more of them. There were companies that found foods high in vitamins and sold those as supplements.

However, at some point they discovered that these nutrients could be made in a lab synthetically. Well everyone started making these isolated chemicals and offering those as vitamin supplements because they “were actual vitamins” and they were much cheaper to make than to grow food sourced vitamins. They also were able to be standardized and you could get the same amount of the synthetic vitamin in your product in each bottle produced. For decades people used these synthetic imitation vitamins and thought they were getting all the nutrients needed. All synthetic chemical vitamins are made from either coal tar or distilled crude oil. In the recipe for vitamin E for example the first step in making it is: 1. Boil gasoline.

As our food became more and more deficient in vitamins or even vitamin free, these isolated synthetic vitamins were added and the word “enriched” was added to the label. For example the bleaching process of making bleached flour removes almost all nutrition from it so synthetic vitamins are added and it is then called “Enriched Flour” Recently, though, some scientists started questioning whether these vitamins were actually good for health. Studies were begun using people with this or that disease and subjects were given Vitamin E, A, or C or one of the B’s. The studies in many cases had to be stopped because the subjects too often got worse or even died at higher rates. The press from these studies hit the papers and we learned that vitamins can kill or increase disease risk hundreds of percentage points. What the papers did NOT report was the words included with many of these studies that said something like: “These results will not apply to the vitamins in food.“

The worst of these failed studies was with Vitamin E which comes in five forms called tocopherols. All synthetic E is 1 synthetic form of 1 tocopherol. To be active in the body we must have 3-5 of these tocopherols present. Some are fat based and some are water based and the body knows what to do with all of them.

During those same hundred years, our farming methods have changed from traditional organic methods used for thousands of years to chemically fertilized, spraying plants with fungicides, pesticides, herbicides and plants grow in polluted soil with acid and heavy metal raining down from the skies near industrial areas. And today the GMO craziness insures that our food is even more nutrient free than ever before. Why do I call our food nutrient free? Around 1952 the US government scientists tested nutrient levels in all our produce and published findings. This is what RDI was built around (Required Daily Intake) Today those tests for nutrients are vastly different:

Below is a chart of what you need to eat today to get daily amounts of certain vitamins compared to back then.

Broccoli1 serving7 servings
Oranges1 orange10 oranges
Peaches2 peaches53 peaches
Spinach1 cup65 cups spinach

How do you possibly eat enough food to get even the minimum recommended amounts of vital nutrition?

So now we know that we need vitamins and that 95% of all vitamin products sold today are synthetic imitation vitamins and they can even be dangerous because they are isolated chemicals. Our search should be for good food sourced vitamin supplements instead of the cheapest ones we find at the big box store. Our real challenge becomes to find food sourced supplements. There are 5% of vitamin products that contain food sourced nutrients like Acerola or Rose hips which are good sources of Vitamin C and there are other products out there. Our job is not easy to find supplements that contain more real food nutrients because most of those “real food sourced” products also contain synthetics to round out the nutrient content. It is hard to standardize vitamin, mineral and phytonutrients levels in growing food. The challenge is to find real food vitamins without the chemical pollution of imitation nutrients.

Reading a label can be tricky. If it says a chemical name next to the vitamin such as
“Vitamin B1—thiamine” then you have synthetic chemical vitamins. If it says “Vitamin B1 from bakers yeast” then it is food sourced. Here is a quick guide (nothing for sale there)

Another benefit of food sourced supplements is any vitamin found in food is actually not isolated but found in what is called a “food matrix” of that and other vitamins, plant predigested minerals, phytonutrients, phytochemicals, and plant polysaccharides. The rest of the food matrix for the vitamin you need is a mix of what we call cofactors. Every vitamin needs to have certain cofactors in order to work in the body. Nature puts these cofactors together with the vitamin they activate into the food matrix so that our food as originally grown 150 years ago came with all we needed for building the body and building good health. So you must read labels and find the one with the least imitation vitamins in it. There is now only one supplement on the market that is 100% food sourced, with standardized minerals and phytochemicals and I use it but I am here to educate not promote any product so it will remain nameless.

So if this has made sense to you, you now may understand how serious our problem with our food is today. Eating nutrition void food keeps us hungry and unsatisfied and constantly eating and becoming fat by consuming empty calories. Eating nutrition void food also gives the body nothing to build good health on. The new science of nutrigenomics tells us that if we don’t get enough of the RIGHT nutrition those disease genes that we got from our family will switch on and make us sick. If we get sufficient nutrition those nasty disease genes will not express and will stay firmly in the OFF position.

So someone here will say “but my product XYZ has absorbable synthetic vitamins.” My answer is, Sorry, guy but your company is using outdated info. Synthetic vitamins are only 1-4% usable by the body. When you get the level high enough for more, then liver function is deteriorated by working to filter out the chemical vitamins. Stressing liver or any other organ can lead to disease conditions.

If you get enough of the right nutrients in your diet, the body fully functions as it was intended. The immune system keeps you totally healthy, your body constantly cleanses and regenerates and you stay young and vibrant well past the age of 100. You seldom need medical intervention. If everyone could eat right we would be number one in level of health instead of number 73 as the US is today.

For cutting edge nutritional courses for medical professionals, nutritionists or nutritional consultants, or just well informed parents, visit my friends at Longevity Education. They train people in the newest nutrition technology and I don’t make any money if you visit them or take a course from their doctors.


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