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Howdy, and welcome to Doug L. Bullock’s downsizing solution blog. I am here to help folks struggling in this horrendous economy to improve their lives. Many people in the last year have had their CEO come to them and say, “Your position is no longer needed.” or “We can no longer afford to pay you.” Isn’t that just the worst day of your life? That means looking for a job in an economy that has precious few of those. That means you may have to sell the car for a cheaper model, sell the house for a cheaper model— all in an environ that has many others doing the same thing. The prices for houses have spiraled down making the whole economy worse. Well you know about all that.

I am here to help make that better. I will help you become your own CEO. You can never be laid off, fired or canned if YOU are the CEO. That also means you must have a home based business. You don’t need an office in a high rise paying ridiculous rents unless you just want to do that. You don’t have to hire hundreds of people and herd cats like your former CEO did, you can hire no one but yourself and still make a growing income.

How about working with a turnkey partner company that is on the NASDAQ that has been in business for over 15 years and pays more to its associates than any other company in its field… $800 Million so far? How about a business that will allow you to run a global business from your laptop? I don’t even know how many countries we are in because we are adding them so fast. Just this month we added Sweden, Netherlands, and Norway. These added to 12 or 15 others including Japan, Korea,Taiwan,Australia, NewZealand, Britain, Canada, Germany. As CEO of a global business you could say the sun never sets on your home based business.

So how much can you make? That, of course is up to you. A few hundred per month or six figures per month. Those and all amounts in between are being made by our associates. That is a really beneficial turnkey partnership.

Well how about partnering with a company that is riding the crest of the wave of the soon to be trillion dollar wellness industry. I am not talking about some fly by night, magic berry juice. This company has the only major cutting-edge science-based organic whole food-sourced nutritional products in the world that actually improve your overall general health in noticeable, sometimes AMAZING and awesome ways.

I have been a mere consumer of these products for 6 years now and you could not pay me enough to stop using such high quality, life improving products. I feel great, I look and feel younger. I get to help other people feel this great and I get paid very well to do it. GEE What a great thing being my own CEO and partnering with such an important company. Well now for a very limited time an introductory offer allows me to set you up to earn $3300 in the first 30 days. I know this can’t last for much longer, because it has been revamped for global roll out next month. But this offer has been taken by so many people the company has expanded its base by thousands and thousands of people. Many of these people received their $3300 and some even earned a resort vacation trip for doing so. That trip was also limited time and is no longer available but so many people earned their cash and achieved the incentive vacation that they had to double the time reserved at one resort and then they had to scramble to find a second resort to send folks to.

Don’t feel bad about missing this, there will be more incentives in future and the $3300 is still on the table for now.

My point? Thousands of people joined, built a business, and got their checks for $3300 and believe me that money helps you start a business.

Well this fast start cash idea will be going worldwide next month and you will be able to market worldwide with our new internet marketing policies. They will not be able to keep the $3300 for global use, there will be a lower number to insure viability of the worldwide incentive for business building. But fast start will be as big a success around the world as it has been in US, Canada and South Africa. We have people in South Africa who went from making a few hundred dollars in a year to making $3300 in one month. At first they did not believe it but then they got into it and have built successful businesses that put them at the top rung of their community’s businessmen and women.

It is time for you to opt out of this depression and you know it really is a depression. Become your own CEO and make as much or more money than you did at that job you left or want to leave soon. I am here to help. Let me know what you think. So if you are serious you can click to learn more here


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