What Price Happiness? The Social Entrepreneur

What price happiness? Many people have a job or even a good job but they are not happy. That can be because of the money you don’t get, the people you have to put up with, or the lack of promotion opportunity.

Your options are to stay miserable, or find a better job, or become an entrepreneur and start your own business, or have the best of both worlds. Let me explain.

Staying miserable is doable and you can keep hoping your job gets better. Good luck with that. In this economy finding a better job is problematic with companies laying off or not hiring.

Starting your own business and becoming an entrepreneur of course is the best option, according to the super rich, but that will take some start up money you may not have and it takes a while to learn the ropes and build your business so it takes some time to replace an income from a job.

The best of both worlds can be having your job to make your bills and starting your business part time to make your fortune. You can always leave the job when you no longer need that money or frustration making it.

Of course the tax advantages of your own business are phenomenal …and that does require a bit of extra record keeping but you could start taking home hundreds more each month which will more than pay you for the new record keeping habits you acquire. Seriously building your own business can give immediate tax advantages from your present job and the extra money you take home can be very helpful building your new entrepreneurial business and it could pay for it completely.

If your own business is your choice find one that fulfills your why or gives you a mission in life. Those happy entrepreneurs do something that makes them happy on a regular basis. Helping others is the most fulfilling to me and to many I know. If you can find a business that lets you help others and also give back to the world, in either money or service, that will give you your happiness.

When you are making a fortune a large part of doing that is giving back to those in need. You suddenly have extra money to donate to your church, synagogue, school, or university or my personal preference is giving to a charity that feeds children around the world who are dying of malnutrition by the millions. Charities are really hurting in this economy. Once you are no longer hurting, giving back is how you build yourself up. It is truly gratifying knowing that you have helped the helpless. If you subscribe to the law of attraction you will also notice that giving of your bounty most often brings you more bounty.

The Social entrepreneurial businesses are the case in point. Tom’s shoes gives a pair of shoes to a shoeless child each time one of us buys a pair for ourselves. There are banks that give micro loans to women who startup small businesses in African countries where you can start a business with only $50-$100.

When Andrew Carnegie had made his super millions over 100 years ago he decided that he would work in the future to spend it all by donating it til it was all gone. He set up the Carnegie foundation and for ten years gave away money to build libraries all over the country as well as churches and other buildings. By the time he died over a decade later he had MORE money than when he had decided to start giving it away. The law of attraction had kicked in and to this day the Carnegie Foundation still gives out money over 100 years later.

Newman’s Own dressings and products are still donating to worthy causes for decades now. They too would be called social entrepreneurs and they were one of the first companies to do that.

This new business model is social entrepreneurism. It works to solve a large societal problem and you should look for more of these businesses to spring up in future. Government can’t afford to supply the needs. The super rich may help but most of them prefer to hoard their money. The social entrepreneur is needed at this time to do what government can’t and the super rich won’t and that is to fulfill a need and help the helpless.

The present model of social entrepreneur company allows the entrepreneur to make a good living while also giving to supply a pressing charitable need. So basically the more humans you help the more money you make to give away. Andrew Carnegie discovered this giving/receiving thing and we who are social entrepreneurs learn it just like he did.


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