Why Are Smart People So Ignorant When it Comes to Health

Once again we hear from an expert in natural health—the Health Ranger. He has hit the nail directly on the head once again. This man has got to be one of the world experts in staying healthy and avoiding illness. Listen to this man as he once again makes perfect sense.


Why Are Smart People So Ignorant When it Comes to Health, Vaccines and Vitamin D? by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger, NaturalNews Editor

A deathly ill patient of late
Had an IQ of 168.
His brain was immense
But it lacked common sense
And it never engaged when he ate.

– by the Health Ranger

As an observer of human behavior, one of the most fascinating things I’ve ever witnessed is really smart people dying of diseases that are easily preventable through basic nutrition (vitamin D, phytonutrients, targeted supplements, superfoods, etc.). I know doctors dying of really bad stuff who take chemotherapy over vitamin D supplements. I know members of MENSA who are killing themselves with junk foods. I know extremely intelligent attorneys and physicists who are among the smartest people in their respective fields; but when it comes to basic health, they’re completely ignorant.

In fact, if you look around at all the “smart” people you know, you’re likely to find the vast majority of them are incredibly ignorant when it comes to their own health. They know nothing about basic nutrition, the benefits of superfoods or the dangers of pharmaceuticals. They eat processed junk foods, dairy products and food products contaminated with pesticides and toxic chemicals. They may be the smartest people in the world in their labs or offices, but when it comes to their own bodies, they are among the most ignorant people on the planet.

How can this be?

How can such high-IQ people remain so utterly ignorant when it comes to their own health?

There are two reasons, it turns out. And one of them will blow your mind..

How to become an expert in one area while abandoning the basics:

To be an expert in astrophysics, you have to spend many years studying astrophysics. To get really good at law, you have to study law. If you want to get good at anything, you have to focus on it, learn about it, and invest some time learning how it works.

That’s what I’ve done with the subject of health and nutrition (and you too, probably). And yet I’m not an expert in astrophysics, nor law, nor brain surgery. Importantly, I don’t have to be an expert in those areas because I don’t practice in those areas.

And yet — here’s the important part — all those physicists, attorneys and surgeons do have a physical body they need to take care of. They all need to become proficient in basic human health, regardless of whatever other specialties they might pursue.

In other words, everyone with a body needs to learn the basics of taking care of that body. And yet most of the smartest people in the world today have spent essentially zero time learning about human health. So even with their high IQs, they make childish, ignorant decisions when it comes to their own health. They may be doctorate-level academic thinkers in their own fields, but when it comes to protecting health and preventing disease, these people haven’t even graduated from kindergarten yet.

You see this quite frequently in the geek community, by the way. Junk food, pharmaceuticals and caffeinated soda drinks seem to go hand-in-hand with the wired, pale and frenzied computer brainiacs who are, after all, smarter than everybody else. They can write DRM decryption code with one hand while they eat MSG-laden fried snack chips with the other. Like everybody else, they are high-IQ, highly-specialized experts in their fields who remain woefully uneducated when it comes to their own health.

But how can so many smart people be so utterly unaware of the basics of nutrition? That vitamin D prevents most disease? That aspartame kills your brain cells? That processed meat (beef jerky, bacon, sausage, pepperoni) contains carcinogenic coloring chemicals designed to make the meat look rosy fresh?

The real reason is more insidious than you may have imagined. If you want to learn it, read on…

Good health is bad for business

Here’s the real reason why so many smart people remain so uninformed when it comes to their own health:

The institutions of power in our modern world go out of their way to keep people nutritionally ignorant. By “institutions of power,” I mean our governments, our private industries (health care and others) and the corporations that pull all the strings behind the curtains.

What are the most powerful corporations in our world? Aside from the military bombs-and-bullets companies (who have their own scams running), the most powerful corporations are drug companies, media companies, agriculture companies and food & beverage companies.

Now think about this clearly for a minute: What do all these companies have in common? How do all these companies keep their economic machines running?

The answer is: Nutritional ignorance of the masses.

You see, the agriculture companies depend on nutritional ignorance in order to keep selling their processed ingredients to food companies which then turn around and sell those nutritionally-depleted products to consumers. Media companies depend on the advertising revenues from the promotion of junk foods and junk beverages, and drug companies depend on the revenues from all the diseases caused by the widespread consumption of all those products.

These four industries — Big Pharma, Big Ag, Big Media and Big Food — have a dark, incestuous relationship that generates huge profits… but only as long as the masses remain nutritionally ignorant.

If people became proficient in nutrition, superfoods, vitamin D and natural foods, all four of these industries would suffer huge financial losses. Their sales and profits would plummet in a world where nutrition is common knowledge. Their continued financial success requires nutritional ignorance among the masses.

Enforcing nutritional ignorance

Powerful corporations, of course, require the services of oppressive government to enforce nutritional ignorance across the population. In the USA, the Food and Drug Administration is the primary enforcer of nutritional ignorance.

The FDA, as most NaturalNews readers well know, makes one of its primary missions the destruction of knowledge about nutrition and natural remedies. This is accomplished by outlawing any honest speech about nutrition from supplement companies, even going as far as threatening them with arrest and criminal prosecution if they dare link to scientific studies about nutrition (

Meanwhile, the FDA openly approves health claims on processed food products sold by powerful corporations. This is designed to convince consumers that junk foods are healthful foods, even while healthful foods can make no claims whatsoever about their health benefits.

The FTC also gets in the game with its own brand of censorship, arresting and imprisoning owners of companies that offer natural disease treatments based on good science. That’s why no real disease cures are offered in the U.S. anymore — all the scientists who know the subject have either been imprisoned or run out of the country.

Medical journals also play a part in the ongoing nutritional ignorance of the masses by promoting intellectually dishonest information about the supposed benefits of pharmaceuticals while attacking natural remedies and ignoring nutritional cures.

The disease non-profit groups also play a big part in the nutritional ignorance scam. Note, carefully, how the non-profits dare not teach people to take vitamin D supplements? If they did, their particular disease would cease to be such a big problem and those non-profits would lose membership (and power). So they continue the grand charade of ignoring known disease cures while claiming they’re still “searching for a cure.”

I’ve even seen lots of smart people jogging along in those “race for the cure” events — which are of course just a fundraising fraud. When I’ve asked these people where the money goes that they’re donating, they just shrug their shoulders and say, “I dunno. I guess it goes to find a cure!”

These are very smart people, mind you, who have been sucked into this sucker’s fundraising trap. They have no clue where the money is going (hint: almost all of it goes to disease “recruiting” and screening efforts to scare more women into chemotherapy) and yet they jog along with all the other sheeple, somehow believing they are doing good in the world.

In all, these institutions and power centers accomplish something quite remarkable: The complete nutritional ignorance of virtually the entire population.

And with that, they shore up their own profit centers by keeping the American people ignorant and nutritionally illiterate.

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