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We call it a buffet because you get to pick and choose what you use on this page. I think our health is our most important asset and even a gift from our creative source. As such it should be cherished and protected as of utmost value. Unfortunately we are not taught the ways to keep our high level of health in school. We are taught some stuff but now I find that what I was taught in school was mostly incorrect and based on antiquated or junk science. Even more unfortunately, most of that is still being taught in grade school.

A multimillionaire is truly poor if he has poor health. He may have all the money he could ever spend but if he expects to die soon from some disease or condition, how wealthy is he?

In the last decade I have learned a wealth of information on how to keep, protect and even achieve wellness.

First of all we must commit to ourselves to attaining and protecting our own wellness. This may shock you but your doctor can't help you achieve wellness. Your doctor was taught drugs and procedures but he/she was not taught how to make the body function correctly. That was a total mystery until recently and it is just now reaching the med school curriculae.

A drug is an outside influence put into the body to disrupt normal function which we hope will improve some problem or symptom that we don't like dealing with at the time. A drug works well for a temporary situation but if used in a long term situation can cause all sorts of problems. You need another way to build the body.

Lets face it, before you were born you were a DNA blueprint that pretty much built you from one cell up. This was done with stem cells and all the wonderful systems that caused you to be born a normal healthy child. Well that same system that built you is still there working every minute of your life...only now it works to rebuild and repair what it built so many years ago.

How did that system build you in the first place and how does it continue to rebuild and repair you?


Your mother kept you warm and fed you before birth and continued to do that once you were born. What you ate then and what you eat now has become YOU!

You listen to TV and radio and learn what you are supposed to eat, right? (Not a good idea) You ask your doctor if you should take supplements and usually get the answer that you get enough nutrition in your diet. Well that is no longer valid. And most of what the media tells you about nutrition is nebulous, iffy, or even dead wrong.

Today most of us eat 90% imitation food-like substances and 99% of that is nutrition free. Our intelligent bodies crave real nutrition so we continue being hungry and craving food. Thus our present obesity epidemic--Eating lots of empty imitation foodlike, nutrition-free stuff but still craving more.

The purpose of this page is to give you links to where you can find the information you need so you will know what to put in your body to keep it well and improve how you feel and even how long you live free of health issues. A healthy body with an immune system that is functioning at 100% is not going to catch or develop any disease.

Much of what you will learn are just the choices you make at the store or in the restaurant or in your own fridge. How do we eat to make the most of what food we get and do we really need to supplement our meals? How do we avoid the useless or dangerous supplements out there?

This is a learning experience so lets get started.

Keep checking back here as I find more info this page will grow.

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