Hazelton Brothers Art Case Player Piano

Hazelton Brothers


88-note Player piano
RARE Art Case

This is one of the nicest players you have ever seen and heard play. This is an older restoration by a local reputable technician from about 10 years ago.

This is an extremely rare player piano. 99.9% of players built were in a plain case. This one has inlaid wood trim and turned and carved legs in a high polish finish. Unheard of! You won't see another one like this because I have only seen one like this in over 30 years.

Starting price is way less than it would cost you to have the same piano restored like this one and this one has also been refinished and piano refurbished and regulated here at Piano World. Even the buy it now price is less than all the work done on it would cost. You get the bargain this Christmas.

This piano has had the player and all pneumatic systems restored. Red Mahogany Piano case has been refinished with the brass polished and casters cleaned and lubricated. The piano action for this instrument has been refurbished and regulated as close to new piano standards as possible. The piano has been tuned to A=440. We have enjoyed having it around to play but we have several more coming up through the shop and no space to put them.

Watch the videos of it playing to see what it sounds like. Check out the karaoke video. The player piano was the 1920's karaoke machine after all. If your location is less than 100 miles from Alton IL. Moving to your location is free.

If you need a professional mover, you may use your own or we can suggest one to use that we know and trust. If you wish to come pick it up in your own truck, we have loading docks and equipment to get it into your truck for you at no extra charge.

If Paypal complains about the amount of your purchase lets talk about payment. If you come to pick it up you may pay cash. Subject to prior sale in our showroom


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