Ivers and Pond Player Piano

Ivers and Pond Console Player Piano


A nice newer console player piano I picked up recently.

A bargain at $3499.00 I have not been able to sell a player piano this cheap in almost 20 years. Snatch this one up before it goes bye bye. (Sorry you missed it!!)

We did refurbishing on the piano part and a few repairs and regulation on the player system. I have had it playing in my home for the last year. It is rock solid and ready to go.

This one plays far better than most of the later player pianos. The electric motor has been cleaned and is working optimally as is all the player system.

It is first a fine piano unlike so many cheaper late models.

These are difficult to pull the piano action out of but this one we did that and reshaped the hammers so a concert pianist could practice on it for a while. It holds tune well to A-440 with a nice tone that will satisfy any fine pianist.


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