Mannborg German Reed Organ 1929


Usually when you find a reed organ or pump organ no one knows anything about it. This one is different. We know everything about it. We have been all through it. It has had a COMPLETE restoration in our shop. When we restore something we do not want to go out on warranty repairs. We make sure that every piece of material that can deteriorate is replaced. That way we can warranty the antique instrument for five years and know it is VERY UNLIKELY that we will have to go see it for a free repair.

This great sounding organ is completely restored and will not need anything for 30-50 years. Refinished in Shellac just like the original finish. Includes screw seat stool which is probably older than the organ, but it was finished to match.

Price $ 4,990.00

Here are some shots of this organ's interior before and during restoration

Here is the "AFTER" shot as it was going back together

Instrument was sold, crated and shipped to a school in India....yes the country!


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