Straube Player Piano

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Straube Player Piano

***See the video below***

This player piano has had the player totally restored by one of our apprentices trained by Piano World. He did not work for us he worked for himself and just did training with us for over a year. The work on this player was done in his shop but bench testing was done at Piano World with all work done under my guidance. The player is in great shape with all parts restored...valves, pouches, pneumatics, leather, rubber, hoses and tubing...all new.

The piano has been refinished, refurbished and tuned to pitch and will be tuned again before delivery. We do not have room for the piano as we are more busy these days thanks to the improved economy.

This will be a bargain for the purchaser of this piano. If you were to bring this piano to us for restoration the fees would be: $7,500 for player restoration, $2,000 for refinishing and the refurbishing on the piano would run $1,200. so this piano is a bargain price.

Sale price $4,990.00


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