Whitney Kimball Player

For Sale

Kimball-built Whitney player piano


This piano was restored and I recently found out that the cloth did not hold up. This was restored before I lost $40,000 on re-restoring customers players that used poorly made cloth and before I found a manufacturer for our top of the line long lasting dependable cloth which we use exclusively.

If you want this piano, let me know so I can pull it out and re-restore the bellows which were covered in that horrible fuzzy backed cloth that I no longer trust.

I will do videos when it is back up to speed.

This piano has had our complete and total restoration. It has been sitting around too long and needs to move. Today you could not get your own done to this level for this amount.

This is the early version of Kimball player before they extended the piano case. The spoolbox is above the hammers. It is built around 1910-1914. Price: $17,990.00 Sale Price $12,490.00


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