Why Piano World

Why have Piano World do the Complete Restoration of any Pneumatic System?

88-note Player Piano

Reproducing Piano

Fairground or Band Organ


Pipe Organ--- Theater and Classical voicing

All Player Systems

Key Benefits

  • Five year warranty on our work

  • Usually no further work needed for 30-50 years beyond regular tuning and maintenance.

  • A fine vintage, historical musical instrument that will last long enough to give to your grand children when they grow up.

  • Rolls available include all the newest songs. (Brittany Spears, anyone?)


While we are known by the phrase: "Restoring the Unrestorable" we much prefer to restore those instruments that have been given loving care all their lives. These cared-for instruments are capable of better results than one that has been in a chicken coop for 50 years.

Soundboard recrowning

We are one of the few shops that even know recrowning of the soundboard is possible. Other shops will tell you it cannot be done. They will charge you an extra $2,000 to $8,000 to replace the soundboard with a new one. Would that same shop restore a Stradivarius Violin by throwing it out and building a new one? I think not. Then don't replace a piano's soundboard.

We refinish

the wooden pieces of the spoolbox as well as the case.

Our Brass looks new

We have one of the finest platers in the county who plates our hardware. If they are brass they are polished to a mirror finish. I have fired many platers. He is the best.

Drawbacks of our shop doing your instrument:

The top quality work is not fast. We do have a backlog. If you want a full restoration in a couple months you are out of luck. Restoration takes 6 months to 2 years depending on the unit being restored. A few take longer. But the results are worth the wait according to our customers.


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