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Why have Piano World do Your Restoration?

Our restorations include meticulous attention to detail and come with a five year warranty.

We do complete, or partial restorations from all over the nation. Many of our customers prefer a complete and total restoration to like-new condition. Some of our customers prefer touchup or partial restorations when a previous restorer has done great work but some of the cloth or leather used has reached the end of its lifespan and no longer functions.

We also do piecemeal restorations shipped in from other technicians or hobbyists who may need one, two or all the pieces of the player to work correctly.

Our top level restoration includes replating of pedals, pressure bar, and other parts that may be seen. Your restoration may include plating of any other pieces you specify in your project agreement.

Restoration in our shop includes parts and supplies by the finest quality suppliers we can find.

Grand Piano Action parts are from Renner USA. (These action parts are used on new Mason & Hamlin, Baldwin Concert grands, Bechstein, and other top quality brands.)

All upright piano hammers are Ronsen unless Renner Hammers are specified. Ronsen made the original hammers for most of the fine quality vintage American pianos.

Renner Hammers are used on all grand restorations unless otherwise specified.

All piano treble strings are Roslau top quality, best tone, German piano wire.

All bass strings are from Mapes Piano String who made and still make the original strings on many of the finest quality pianos.

All leathers used in any player system or organ are chrome tanned and personally tested for airtightness to enable them to resist deterioration from our polluted air and to seal as well as any original leathers that may have originally been used. We expect chrome tanned leathers to last 30 - 50 years or more. We also use the old-recipe red pouch leather as used on organs 150 years ago when available.

We use hair sheep, cow, kid, elk, goat, and kangaroo.

Felts are highest quality mostly English wool.

Bellows cloth, pneumatic cloth and all rubberized cloth is made from top quality high thread count muslin and canvas with natural gum rubber bonded to stay airtight for 30 years.

Rubber tubing is from the most reputable suppliers of player piano and organ supplies.

All standard pre cut gaskets are specially cut for us or by us using our own dies.

Special dies are made for cutting each set of player valves we encounter.

We may change our supply sources as we constantly re-evaluate our supplies for consistent quality control.

Other parts are specially made for us as needed as well.

We purchase in bulk in order to keep our costs as low as possible.


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